Client: Children as Zone Of Peace with Plan International
Project Name: Stranger Danger – Online Sathi
Video Style: Public Service Awareness| Motion Graphics


Online Sathi is an awareness video about online harrassement and cyberbullying as a Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) project by CZOP. This video was conceptualized by ChildSafeNet as a Public Service Awareness video.

The main idea behind the video is to accentuate the importance of identity and information privacy on online platforms. The main goal of this PSA video is to develop SBCC materials to make the internet safer for adolescent children in Nepal for their protection from harmful use of the digital technology. Our team developed a storyline for this idea by showing how cyberbullying takes place and what consequences it has.

With over 1.3 million views of this video on Facebook page of CZOP, this video has covered a wide area of demographics in creating awareness.

Red Circle undertook this project of CZOP and Plan International, in association with ChildSafeNet. Our team worked with few children whom we encouraged and allowed to get involved in story building itself. Instead of finding other child actors, we also cast the same children in the video.