Former Employees Testimonial


Aditee Bhattrai

Marketing Manager

For the short time I was in Red Circle, I had a really transformative experience. Being trusted by the organization to fulfil crucial tasks from meeting with clients to handling daily operations of the entire company really pushed be beyond my limits. Beyond work, I really got to bond with my colleagues through our monthly potlucks and games. It’s the place to work if you are seeking real growth and a learning experience of a lifetime.


Utsav Pradhan

Project Manager

I always loved it when clients appreciated our work. It gave me motivation to work harder. Red Circle consistently reinforced my motivation as they entrusted me with more responsibilities and trusted me with getting the work done.


Ruchi Manandar

Graphic Designer

Joining the company as a graphic designer was one of the best decisions I made recently. Everyone there started to become a family. I think my biggest achievement at Red Circle was learning more things. I came to red circle knowing some basic stuff but slowly I got to learn a lot of new things from such talented people.


Mushkaan Jain

HR Intern

Being an intern in Red Circle was quite the highlight of my short time in Nepal. Growth in personal and professional skill was inevitable. Along with that, the work was fun and so was the bhoj. The personal bonds I made in such a short time will be for lifetime.


Sneha Thapa Magar

Content Writer

From the beginning, ideas were very well received, and working with everybody was a treat thanks to that. Almost every day, I had to learn something new to keep up. While it was challenging, it was just as rewarding. After my time at Red Circle, I felt so much more confident with my skills.

Kapil Gurung

Marketing Head

Every day as each day came with challenges and opportunities. Professionally, being at Red Circle helped me to be more analytical as ideas were appreciated as well as criticized. It helped me to see things from different perspectives. Personally, I gained more confidence as the office entrusted me with immense responsibilities.